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A unique partnership

37 Capital

is a global alternative asset management business providing investment solutions for institutional investors.

Our veteran managers employ an opportunistic investment approach that combines intensive fundamental research with a consistent focus on downside protection. Leveraging Putnam Investments’ broader platform, we have meaningful access to companies, research, and technology, and to a deep bench of research specialists who cover sectors, asset classes, and geographies.

Inspired by Putnam's enduring heritage since 1937, we have built 37 Capital to create long-term value for our investors.

Our capabilities

Structured credit

Global structured credit strategies seek to maximize risk-adjusted returns through investments in mortgage-related securities, loans, and derivatives; corporate credit; and other consumer-related debt.

We invest across the full securitized value chain from whole loans, including private reverse mortgages, to securitization tranches. Our strategies seek to optimize financial and structural leverage to expand the universe of investment opportunities and access lowest-cost financing.

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